The Finnius Frog Experience

My cousins coming to visit in May and being a huge Black Sabbath fan wants to go see them at Ozzfest. Curious as to whether Ozzie can make it to the end I thought I’d be in that. Decision made, buy tickets, pay online, tickets sent to me, no problem. Google translate is my friend, I’ll get through.

Not quite that simple. Tickets go on sale at 10am. I can buy the tickets from 3 different websites. All of them are overloaded. I try for an hour before I have to go out. I give it a go several times during the day. No success. I’m finally able to get on at 10pm. Obviously Ozzie has a huge fan base in Japan.

I select my tickets and enter the details. Firstly I get an error message saying “No katakana” which is the Japanese way of writing foreign words. Ok…

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The Finnius Frog Experience

The last few days the commute to work has been crowded. Probably more so than London but then the carriages are larger and less claustrophobic and I get to stand upright. My stop, 18, I get on fine. The next was starting to get tight and by stop 15 things begin to get cozy and then the majority of people get off at stop 11 (I get of at stop 9).

So, today. The trains stops at my station and it is crowded. I think, ok I can just squeeze on here. Then all of a sudden another row behind me has the same idea. They also just squeeze on. Ok, this is getting a little intimate. Only 9 more stops to go. Each station more and more people get on. I’ve never been so squashed in my life. When I thought not one more person could get on at…

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